Are NY Times Subscribers Soft-hearted Moralists or Rational, Maximizing Utilitarians?

TrolleyCar Dilemma NYTThe trolley car dilemma is a moral choice game played in many college Philosophy Ethics courses.  It is both fun and illuminating.

Video’s of Harvard Professor Michael Sandel’s Justice course first lecture uses this moral dilemma to explore utilitarian philosophy. Watch it here.

In a recent NYTimes poll of 2,563 subscribers, 10% would “do nothing” killing five people tied ot the track or 90% would “flip the switch” to send the trolley down a different track, killing one person (New York Times Magazine, 6.25.17, p. 6).

Author: Publicis

A citizen of the United States more concerned with how our society works than with the fate of the parties or particular candidates.

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